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Here We Go

I’ve been a lawyer now for over 18 years and the time has come to take off and fly solo. I always envisioned working for myself, but was never able to get over the fear of working without a net. As I was faced with a crossroads in my career recently, I came to the realization that by creating my own firm I was still doing the same work and for the same type of people, I am just cutting out the middleman. With this new phase, I hope to be more responsive and more efficient in my assistance to others with legal matters. I also look forward to having a bit more flexibility in my schedule and finding a couple of voice students, because I do love helping people discover their voice.

But enough about me, you came to read a blog post about the law. I start by sharing with you one of my favorite videos from a law professor, in which he very convincingly makes the case to never talk to the police. I wholeheartedly endorse his position. So anyone faced with a potential interview, remember the phrase, “I would like to speak to my lawyer.”** Then call me at 801-630-8309

**This should not be construed as legal advice and does not establish an attorney/client relationship between the author and the reader. You should always tell the police who you are and provide identification as requested. Also never refuse a breath alcohol test. But that is all. Again not legal advice nor intended to create any attorney/client relationship. We’ll take care of that later.