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Monthly Estate Planning Seminar

My monthly Educational Seminars are 45 minutes to an hour long and take place in the large conference room at my office. Afterward, I will be available to answer questions. I invite you to consider who among your acquaintances may benefit from my presentation or services.

In addition to the monthly seminars at my office, I am willing and able to give a presentation to a group that you may want to define, whether it be a group of your employees, clients, or peers. I can even make strictly educational presentations to church groups without any invitation to sign up for appointments afterwards.

While I am not requiring sign ups to come to the seminars right now, I would appreciate a note from you or who you are sending to give me an indication of how many to expect and let me know if I need to schedule a second one as the room maxes out at 25 people.

Estate planning thought:

Think about those you know with minor children and ask if they have a plan for what would happen to those children both in the short and long term if their parents were in a car accident while away from home. Would the babysitter know who to contact? Is there anything in writing that will prevent the kids from being put into foster care even in the short term? These are some of the questions that I can answer and that show that estate planning is not just for those advancing along the age path, but for all ages.

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April 10, 2024 @ 5:30 pm

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